10 Best ShipRocket Competitors and Alternatives

vijay kumar
4 min readNov 1, 2023
ShipRocket Competitors

Shiprocket is one of the most prominent players in the logistics industry. It offers various tailored made solutions to help businesses with their shipping needs. It even provides integration with various e-commerce platforms like eBay, Amazon, Shopify etc.

Although, there might be times where you would want to shift to other carriers. It could be because of pricing, delivery time, quality of service, or just because your requirements aren’t aligned with your current carrier anymore. Through the course of this article we will look at some of the best Shiprocket competitors that offer an alternative platform.

Best ShipRocket Competitors & Alternatives:

1) ClickPost

The founders of the platform wanted to fill the vacuum by creating a comprehensive logistics platform for shipping or warehousing business needs. This is the most reliable Shiprocket alternative with cost-effective services and numerous API integrations.

ClickPost has integrated with over 150 carriers as compared to ShipRocket which has only partnered with 20 carriers. The platform offers faster tracking, logistics management, and overall customer satisfaction. It allows businesses to operate through various selling channels and manage multiple revenue streams.

2) ShipStation

This platform is good at integrating with most aspects of your online business. It can help you manage your orders by monitoring your marketplace and shopping carts. This ShipRocket alternative has integrated with more than 70 different selling platforms directly so that you can manage all your orders at one place. ShipStation also has a very simplified process of generating labels at a discounted rate.

3) Easyship

This ShipRocket competitor was designed with one goal in mind; to assist global trade. It is well versed in helping businesses with domestic as well as international cargo delivery. It provides shipping services through more than 50 couriers, including some big names like DHL and USPS. EasyShip can also integrate with your Shopify store and provide a flexible insurance cover up to $10,000; for both your domestic as well as international shipments.

4) Shipsy

It is helping more than 170 businesses across the world to improve the experience for their customers. Shipsy is an alternative to ShipRocket that uses the power of artificial intelligence to optimize business operations. It has helped businesses save cost in logistics and they continue to upgrade their services like the rider payout, rosters and incentive management.

5) Shyplite

It serves approximately 27,000 pincodes in India and has a network spreading over 220 countries globally. It has partnered with 30+ couriers to provide you with effortless courier allocation. Shyplite is a ShipRocket alternative that provides you one dashboard that significantly cuts down on the hard work to grant hassle-free shipping.

6) Motive

It relies on advanced technology to make improvements in productivity and eventually increase profitability of your business. More than 120,000 businesses are benefited by this ShipRocket alternative; whether they are from construction, the food industry, or oil and gas etc. Motive has a large fleet of 700,000 vehicles and other assets with 1 million drivers already serving 120,000 customers.

7) Cargobase

It has been focused on customer satisfaction since its inception in 2013. Cargobase offers support like other ShipRocket alternatives through the complete shipment cycle and offers services like tracking, freight management, and spot buying. It is fairly easy to implement and help carriers with no-cost implementation within a month. It serves customers in 50 countries and is rated among the top 5% of the players in the industry.

8) Convictional

The purpose of this platform is to enable suppliers and merchants to have complete control over their logistics operations. Convictional has curated more than 5000 dropshippers to help vendors expand and reach a larger customer base. BigCommerce, Shopify, and Magneto are some of the big brands that can be easily integrated with the help of this platform.

9) ShipDroid

It is a Saas-based platform that can help businesses deliver packages throughout India. Merchants are able to serve customers in more than 20,000 pin codes across 600 cities. ShipDroid addresses the problem that small merchants face while choosing a carrier.

10) Descartes MacroPoint

Large businesses with an enormous customer base often face the problem of miscommunication. Descartes MacroPoint focuses on improving information transfer and reducing the chances of miscommunication throughout your supply chain. It has collaborated with more than 360 companies and works with over 200,000 carriers. It has helped businesses improve their efficiency with its large fleet of approximately 1.4 million drivers.


Even though the Shiprocket courier is a significant player in the industry, sometimes situations may arise where you have to look for alternatives. It never hurts to take a look at other available services and advantages and that is why in this article we looked at the top ShipRocket competitors and alternatives.

All the Shiprocket competitors offer different services with a wide range of features to aid your business growth. The choice among so many platforms boils down to your specific demands and business needs.