Dhl Ecommerce

Dhl Ecommerce

Getting orders delivered at a quick pace is essential for all eCommerce platforms. Logistics or shipping have various operations which help businesses transport their items at the required time (occasional delays may be inevitable) and increase consumer satisfaction. For this reason, eCommerce stores have to keep an eye out for shaking hands with a reliable shipping service to get those orders delivered to the customers.

Here is all that the renowned company DHL eCommerce is about and what they offer for business worldwide. That’s exactly what DHL eCommerce is all about. DHL eCommerce is networked on a global scale with its shipping operations.

What is DHL?

You may have come across DHL in the past, but maybe the word eCommerce tagged with it is new for you. Before diving into their eCommerce services, let’s take a look at what DHL itself is.

The company DHL dates back to when humanity first stepped foot on the Moon. Yes, we’re talking about the year 1969. In 1969, three great minds came together to form one of the world’s greatest logistics companies.

Interestingly enough, DHL is derived from the founders’ last names: Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom and Robert Lynn. DHL is a courier, express mail and logistics firm that has gained a strong reputation in its industry. It should be noted that DHL is the business sector of the company Deutsche Post.

What is DHL eCommerce

Now, to discuss DHL eCommerce. First things first, DHL eCommerce is the same as DHL with a few differences in their utility which we’ll go over later. Coming back to DHL eCommerce, it is essentially a platform that ships your company products for you. This can be on a domestic or international range.

DHL eCommerce aims to provide more solutions to enhance the outreach of the eCommerce industry. There are several different sectors of business that use DHL eCommerce, such as retail, chemicals and technology. That list isn’t exhaustive, and with digitisation becoming more prevalent than ever, more industries are bound to join eCommerce.

Difference between DHL and DHL eCommerce

There isn’t a whole lot of difference between DHL and DHL eCommerce. They’re both simply different companies under the same parent company Deutsche Post DHL Group. Another thing that you may not be aware of is the fact that DHL only allows you to ship products internationally while DHL eCommerce delivers items domestically and internationally.

Key services of DHL eCommerce

Now that we’ve cleared what DHL eCommerce is, let’s visit some of its key services to make shipping more efficient for you.

International and Domestic delivery

The first key solution that DHL eCommerce provides is the liberty to ship products worldwide. At times, eCommerce companies might be limited to delivering only internationally since DHL only enables international shipping. However, with DHL eCommerce in the picture, the same companies can also sell their products locally.

Expert solutions

DHL eCommerce has a global team with expertise in eCommerce. This ensures that your parcels are looked after and sent in the best way possible. Whether it be delivery, return or any other scenario, DHL eCommerce experts assure to provide the best and most profitable solutions.


DHL eCommerce also enables users to track their delivery. This works by visiting their official website, clicking the ‘track my shipment’ option and entering a tracking code (provided by DHL eCommerce). Once done, consumers can view the progress of their shipments. There is also a customer support helpline that consumers can use for further details or queries.


Overall, this was a simple guide through the company DHL eCommerce. They have various features in-store to provide, and if you’re looking to sign a deal with a logistics firm, DHL eCommerce should be on your list.



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